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Bright Eyes Contacts is a superior brand of colored contact lenses for the affordable fashionista. We want you to let your eyes shine and enhance your natural beauty, giving you the freedom to mix up your look whenever you please.We pride ourself on delivering an outstanding customer relationship through timely WORLDWIDE shipping, customer guarantees, promotions, loyalty discounts & regular giveaways. Use the hashtag #brighteyescontacts on Instagram for potential promotion on our social media.

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Bright Eyes natural colored contact lenses are cosmetic, comfortable, affordable eye contacts for those looking to brighten their day-to day look; but also turn heads on a night out. Our lenses are made with unique blends and color shades, looking to mirror the unique scenery experienced among nature. Our lenses are purely cosmetic, for those who require diopters for myopia and hypermetropia, you will have to wait for our prescription launch coming later in the year. All of Bright Eyes Contacts are made with specialized, soft lens materials in order to enhance comfort and prevent irritation for the user. Please follow the usage guidelines carefully; nonetheless, you must follow our instructions and maintain their condition for the contacts to be wearable for the entire period.


All of our lenses are compliant with standards under Korea FDA approvals. A condition of purchase is that the customer has undergone an eye check with their eye specialist or specialist and that they are aware of lens care and any risks associated. The consumer takes on the responsibility, onus and due diligence of their purchase and Bright Eyes Contacts will not be held liable if any associated risks or issues. Please note the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all contact lenses (including cosmetic) are sold on the prescription of a licensed practitioner. 


When a customer purchases from Bright Eyes Contacts, they confirm that they have the relevant prescriptions and documentation from their licensed specialist, and Bright Eyes Contacts will not be held responsible for any damages caused as a result of contact lens wear. If you reside outside of the United States, by purchasing you confirm that you have visited an Eye Care Specialist and he or she has approved your use of contact lenses.

For any urgent enquiries, please send mail through to: 23 View Street, Miranda, Sydney, NSW, 2228, Australia (ABN: 78282008684 Contact phone number: +61402004049)

All email enquiries should be sent to: [email protected] 

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