Beauty today is a hot topic! Every year fashion weeks and designers introduce us with new makeup techniques and beauty looks! Makeup artists reveal something fresh and unique which are impressive enough to be tried! In this social media driven world, beauty industry is being transformed as a result of millennial influence. The present generation (Gen Z) is far more different than the generations before them. The reason could be exposure to vast world of real time updates of social media or inclination towards beauty category! There is no doubt that Gen Z is quick enough to try variety of unique trends and then share the content.

Face is the moneymaker but eyes are the crown! While most of the people relate beauty with face cosmetics, the industry is more focused towards eye makeup segment. The recent industry trends evidently how that enhancing beauty with eye makeup is gaining popularity. Eyes say a lot about your personality and are one of the most recognizable ways to outwardly show who they are to the world! Younger generation has rejected traditional beauty standards and express themselves through the trends they like and follow! This post is to discuss about some of the cool makeup trends that anyone can pull off easily! Every season is special and thus if you are looking to switch things and try something new for your bright eyes then this post has all the beauty inspiration that you may need!

Spring Beauty Trends

Spring season is related to happiness and colors and thus if you love experimenting with shades of different colors then it’s time to get your brushes ready! False eyelashes and cheeks highlighting with bright colors like orange to soft colors like baby pink create an ageless look. Whether you apply the blushes with heavy hand or subtly blend it over the surface, it simply creates a renaissance look! To highlight the skin and make it look brighter and sparkling near the surface of the eyes so that your bright eyes can pop up, application of silver pigment to highlight inner corner of the eyes as well as cheeks, nose and cupid’s bow can be used! Apart from this, eye shadows of bright colors such as purple, blue, yellow and more provide a dramatic look and make your eyes a focal point of the entire look! These bright hued eye shadows spread across the eyes from corner to corner give an energetic look, reigns supreme and are beautiful, fresh and wearable as well!

Fall beauty trends

Fall is the experimental season and thus it calls for trying everything that you may have ever desired to brighten up your eyes! The main reason as you all are already aware is the fact that there is no scope of sweating which keeps your eye makeup intact and charming as ever! For fall season, there is not one eye shadow color that stays trending rather it is the texture which prevails over others! Metallic texture swept over the eye lids in all shades simply makes a beauty statement and looks bold, strong and unapologetic! Fall is the best season to try everything on your eyes! Be it smoky, delicate, and feminine or an amalgamation of exotic pigments and textures in rich and warm colors. So go bold this fall season and do something creative with metallic eye shadows, clumpy lashes and graphic liner!

Summer Beauty Trends

Summer is definitely a season to bring out your beauty inhibitions and break your blush to charm yourself with electric colors and fierce confidence! But at the same time it is not the time for an overdone face! Also summer is the season to venture out more often and thus you can simply adopt the ‘cool girl eye’ approach! Trace your lashes with a color that lasts longer and is smudge proof. But if it is steaming hot and you don’t feel like applying anything then go with a bare face with bright lip shade! Minimalism is the key if you are stepping out during the day but if you are out on a party then it is fine if your face looks a bit-over exposed with dark liner complementing your looks! Each color trend can be worn subtly for the minimalist types! How about a swipe of white liner for fresh look or royal blue for bold and dramatic look?

Quick makeup tips:

  • To retain your eye makeup for long (specially the eye shadows), dab your normal eight cream on top of your eye. Also, before popping these bright colors mix and swirl them with slick balm which will produce shades that are different than the raw ones but equally captivating!

  • It’s official time to retire your matt lipstick! No matter you are going nude with neutral to no makeup or with shimmering eyes; you need to wear a glossy lip shade to enhance your looks. Lip gloss gives dimension, youth, shine and refreshing look to your face! Skin that is fresh and glowing paired with bold eyes or lips always make a statement. Sparkle is no longer only for eyes, it’s for pout as well!

  • The bolder you go with your choice of hue, more vibrant your look will be!

So while New York, Paris, Milan and London bring a new perspective on beauty and make up trends for brighter eyes and look, it’s time for you to put your tools in action. Embrace your natural beauty and make it shine bright and longer like sun! Grace your twinkling eyes with beauty and makeup trends for every season and blend it as per your mood and occasion! Makeup has its own language and thus you can transform your look to be formal, casual, incredibly romantic and edgy and sometimes daring too!

Fashion weeks are certainly a medium to get exposure and transparency to what is going on in the beauty industry but the day is not far when millennial will lead the charge and introduce new trends into the market! The definition of beauty will continue to be evolved and staying on top of all these updates and highlights will certainly make a difference to your personality.