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October 16, 2017

Wearing colored contact lenses requires us to take greater care of our eyes as they become sensitive to dryness, makeup residue, and clumpy mascara. You must take special care to ensure you don’t end up harming your eyes and blurring your vision.

Here are some essential tips to keep in mind:


Clean Hands & Face
Make sure you wash your hands properly before inserting your natural colored contacts and make sure you insert them before applying any kind of makeup or even a skin moisturizer. You see, if your hand has any kind of particles or dirt attached to them, it will make its way to your lenses. It is essential to ensure that your hands are squeaky clean and completely dry. It is important that your colored contacts never come into contact with water, especially tap water since it contains Acanthamoeba, a dangerous parasite that harms the eyes.


Doctors strongly recommend contact wearers to apply their natural colored contact lenses before they apply their makeup, and removal the contacts before removing any of their makeup. If particles from your makeup get inside the cosmetic colored contacts, they cause severely sensitive issues, along with a great of agony. So, it’s better to be safe and eliminate all chances of makeup invading your colored contacts.



Choosing a suitable makeup type
It is best to avoid powdered eyeshadows because they always end up getting inside our eyes, and with colored contacts, that is truly the worst thing that could happen to your eyes. Therefore, it’s better to stick to creamy, glossy and highly pigmented matte eyeshadows to be safe. And if you must use powder eyeshadows, be sure to tap away the excess powder from the makeup brush before you bring it close to your eyes. Because you see, even if it gets near your water line it is bound to make contact with your lenses.


Makeup products, eye shadows and facial creams that contain oil are always a bad idea around cosmetic colored contacts because they always tend to travel from the face towards the eyes. You can never blend in oil with water, and your colored contacts will attract the oil to enter your eyes. It might not hurt but it will definitely cloud up your lenses and blur your vision.



Make sure you avoid all kinds of waterproof and oil-based makeup formulas because they cause some serious damage to your vision. You see, if the oil or water makes contact with your natural colored contact lenses, it can blur your vision far worse than any powder or cream. All waterproof makeup products call for the use of oil-based removers, which also causes the same vision-blurredness and agony.


The lid ledge is basically the area of your lids that connects with the surface of the eyeballs and the part where the oil glands open up. Now, if you end up blocking your oil glands with eyeshadow or foundation, it will not only make your colored contacts immensely dirty, but it can also cause sties and excessive dryness. You need to make sure your eyelashes create a safe distance between the eyeballs and the makeup.



Say no to clumpsy mascara
You need to make sure your mascara isn’t the least bit clumpy because when the clumps fall into the eyes, the colored contacts will trap them below your lashes, causing extreme discomfort. Similarly, mascaras made with fibers are also a bad idea. Be sure to pick out a conventional lengthening mascara that will give your lashes a volumizing effect.


It is highly recommended to avoid putting makeup on your waterline because it blocks the oil glands, which leads to severely sensitive dry eyes, and in some cases, it tends to cause sties. But if you simply cannot stop yourself from applying eyeliner to your waterline, be sure to invest in disposable natural colored contact lenses, and NEVER forget to use a clean and well-sharpened eyeliner pencil.



Lid Wipes
In order to make sure your lids never get irritated by excessive makeup resident, invest in a pack of lid wipes. If you wear heavy eyeshadows, lid wipes will always come in handy and make sure you take it all off. They are a must-have for people who suffer from lash dandruff or blepharitis, and they are made to clean both, lashes and lids. When wearing natural colored contact lenses, lid wipes make it a lot easier to flaunt them without agony and tears. We recommend you to try the OccuSoft Lid Wipes, for they are simply the best.


Clumped and old mascaras are the biggest culprit behind eye infections due to colored contact lenses, so be sure to change yours after every two months. If you already have an eye infection, don’t use a mascara at all. Makeup can cause several sensitive problems since it allows the growth of bacteria, and conjunctivitis and contamination are only the least of your problems. Also, make sure you don’t use old makeup products, or share your eye products with any other person.